Our relationship with Candidates

We are in the relationship business. Our success in executive search is the result of our ability to develop high quality relationships with both our clients, who retain us to attract top talent, and our candidates, the executives who go on to become the top-performers and future leaders of our client organizations.

The success of our business has been based on our ability to develop long-term, trusting relationships with professionals at all experience and compensation levels.

You'll find that when we first speak with you we are extremely detailed. The better we know you as a professional and as a person, the more likely we are to identify opportunities that help you achieve your career goals. If you are successful and satisfied in a position identified through Derba & Derba, we have succeeded in our goal of strengthening our candidate and client relationships.

Quite often, successful candidates who we attract to our clients in turn retain us to help them build their own teams. We have demonstrated our professionalism and knowledge of their new company. When an opportunity may not be a fit, we always appreciate when someone recommends a former colleague or friend. It can be rewarding to play a role in assisting in another's career progression.

We believe our approach to recruiting is different. Where many firms initially present an opportunity, we prefer to first listen to potential candidates. We want to get to know about their past experiences; when they were most happy; why they were successful. Was it an entrepreneurial organization that valued creativity or did they do best in a more structured, traditional environment? The better we know the candidates, the more likely we will be able to help them effectively manage their careers while also meeting the needs of our clients.

By committing the time to know both our clients and our candidates, Derba and Derba does more than simply assess a candidate's credentials and capabilities. We make sure that our candidate's personal style is consistent with our clients' business culture, and that he or she has a great chance for success. The end results leads to a "win-win" relationship for both our clients and our candidates.

A Commitment to Professionalism

The most demanding challenge for our clients today and in the future will be identifying, attracting, and retaining the key individuals whom are vital to the development and ultimate success of their organizations. This elusive resource becomes more important today because of the increasing demands on our facilities, services, and staffs. Continued growth will always be contingent upon recruiting and retaining the talent necessary to meet todays as well as tomorrows demands. As a confidential executive search and personnel consulting firm, Derba & Derba is committed to becoming an invaluable management tool utilizing the full potential of client/consultant relationship. The confidence and loyalty that continually develops will enable us to address these ongoing challenges. Today, and in the future, we remain acutely aware of our commitment to our clients, to our candidates, and to our industry.

Finally, we value your business and our relationship, and take it very personally.

Confidential Executive Search ™ is the very foundation of our business.